Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Better Together

Okay so this isn't part of that challenge thing, but instead here is how I spent my Valentine's Day this year.

So basically there's this girl that's pretty amazing, and her name is Jessica Graff. And for whatever reason she puts up with me and was the best Valentine I could ask for. So here is a review of our night!

I got her some pink tulips which stressed me out like you wouldn't believe. But it all worked out in the end.

Then I made dinner for us: creamy chicken casserole, green beans, Rhodes rolls, and Martinelli's

Yes, the creamery ran out of the big bottles so I got a tiny 6 pack. Which we drank straight from the bottle. Because we're super classy.

After dinner Jessica gave me my Valentine's gift which consisted of all kinds of things I love: a mix CD, pictures of us, plenty of candy, an almighty pack of Oreos, the creamery's magical mint brownies, and lots of other little thoughtful gifts.

Then to conclude the night, we watched The Notebook, which I will never ever admit to liking.

okay I like it.

So basically it was a very successful night full of getting fat and watching a cliche romance movie. But best of all I got to spend it with my favorite girl in the world. So that's the important thing right? I hope everyone else had a fantastic Valentine's Day with their girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, family, themselves or cats.

and that they ate a lot of chocolate. 

That is all.

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