Sunday, March 13, 2011


Well here is a very quick and brief update of the past month or so, as well as random videos I never posted. Yeehaw.

So around the end of January all of my roommates, yes, ALL six of us decided we wanted to make a crazy awesome insane blanket fort in our kitchen. This is what happened:

So that sucked. If you want a picture play by play of pretty much exactly what happened (I would recommend reading for the full effect) check out my buddy Carson's blog by clicking here.

Next up is a random blizzard that decided to hit us one fine January morning. Enjoy:

Next is a fun little timelapse of Carson and Brenton sleeping... right?

So anyway, after finding those videos I can say a little about what has been going on recently, Big Black came down this weekend from BYU-I (or Mikey, Mike, or Michael, as he is more formerly known) and
we just had a good ole time. Part of this fun time was watching lots of BYU basketball, and seeing Jimmer score 52 points. Amazing. We had quite more people over than we could comfortably fit in front of our TV, so we decided to make some stadium seats

Pretty cool right?

So over the past two weeks or so I've been in crunch time mode for finishing my Media Arts Application before it is due tomorrow on the 14th, and I FINALLY FINISHED. It took forever and it was a huge hassle but I finally got it done, minus one signature I should be getting tomorrow morning. This is what it looks like:

Now after I turn in my application I have to pick a time to have a short interview with 3 of the members of the Media Arts program. I only have to answer two questions, but those two questions could be whether I make it or not. Pretty intense. They say that only about half of the people who apply actually get in, so I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen. After the interview I simply wait for the email telling me my fate. And I usually don't ask for things like this but this is a really, really big deal to me so if any of you out there want to pray for me, I certainly wouldn't mind it. If you want to see the video I used for my application you can look back through my blog and find the video called Searching. Or if you're one of those people who like to do things the easiest way possible, just play the video below.

That is all.

Except I just wanted to tell Jessica Graff that you can come back to Provo now. I kind of miss you. Kthanks.


  1. i miss you tooooo
    i'll see you tomorrow! :)

  2. Ahhh, the good old college days. It brings back memories of getting busted by the resident assistant for doing seemingly innocent fun things that evidently were not acceptable. As you say if you would have known..............

    Glad to see Big Black there, he looked pretty comfy in the stadium seating. Brings new meaning to the term nose bleed section :)

    The other thing that brought back college memories was the sleeping video..........43 seconds. Yup, that sounds like the amount of sleep I got every night during the college years. I kind of think it had something to do with a hot babe named Jill.

    Good job on the film application! Looks like a lot of work but if nothing else, YOU DID IT! The process is ridiculous so that those not truly interested will give up early. DON'T EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM - no matter how hard it seems. You only get what you work for right?

    Okay, for everyone else, you can tune out as I am going into full dad mode.......... I am proud of you Hunter! You are always in our prayers and thoughts. Stay focused, do your best and have fun. Love ya son.

  3. Man that girl who starred in your video is really hot. She deserves an academy award.

  4. Glad to see where all that hard earned money for college is going :) Just kiddin'! glad you're having fun- that's what college is all about. I love your video clip and they will love it too! You're the best- of course, you're a Stewart :)