Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You're My Best Friend

Well folks, it looks like this will be the last post on this blog until after my mission. Except probably really the last post ever because I suck at blogging. But then again being on a mission supposedly teaches you to be more diligent in whatever it is you do. But then again I might just come back and be a huge lazy bum. Um. Anyway, for the last time the URL to my mission blog is www.elderhunterstewart.blogspot.com.

So as I mentioned in a previous post, I was hoping to do a little something for Clayton and Mikey in a post and this is pretty much it. If I had more time I would have been able to put together a sweet video of like everything we've ever done together, but since I'm, you know, moving to Africa in two days, time is a little short.

Michael Big Black Nielsen and I have been friends since we were 4, since I moved to Louisiana. I want to say he has been with me for every single birthday (except for a few when I was out of town), even after he moved to Texas. I called him Big Brother when we were in pre-school, and well, he literally is a big brother. . . He's huge.

Turns out 18 year olds aren't supposed to do wheelies on children's toys

Clayton Bridge moved in next door when we were five or six, and man we did everything together. Ten o'clock sharp we would be at each others house, no exceptions. We were masterminds of the commercial, and champions of the black belt. Sometimes it creeps me out how much our brains think alike. He moved to Texas for 5th grade. That didn't change a thing.


With all the goodbyes I've been saying it has never been a thought that I wouldn't see these guys very often after my mission. Nope, these guys are my buddies for life. Yup. There's some serious bromance right there. As if you couldn't tell from this picture:


So without further ado, here are some videos from our youth, with all of them being equally embarrassing and awesome.

This was an attempt at a horror movie sequel to the 1958 film The Blob. Which is by far the greatest movie ever (fun fact for you Grease fans, this was the movie that was playing during the drive-in scene). Anyway, at some point during us trying to make this incredible sequel we decided to do stunts. I guess we were just that upset by the making of the sequel (and my attempted British accent) (.

Yes. For anyone who didn't actually believe I was a black belt, here's the proof. Clayton and I were 10 and this was at the school talent show.

And finally the greatest thing known to man (besides The Blob. And Legend of Zelda) commercials made by Clayton and myself. Which were made for the beauty competitions Breeann would host with Savannah, Clayton's sister and another family friend. Enjoy.

Oh, and see ya in two years. Kbye.

P.S. Noonafish, Sweet baby noonas, Holy noona, Noona.

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